The Story Behind It All

Hi, my name is Lori and I am the owner of Lori's Leashes, Inc.  I wanted to take you through the incredible journey of developing Lori's Leashes so you all know how it started...  

After my 11th year of teaching, my love for animals was quickly taking over my love for teaching. So one day I sat down and started putting some ideas to paper. The name "Lori's Leashes
" came to me as naturally as teaching once did.  I decided that I would infuse purple into my color scheme because well, purple has always been my color since I was a little girl. I continued to let the ideas unfold onto paper as the days went by and before I knew it I developed my own webpage, designed my own business cards, and created my very own ads that I placed in numerous delis, gas stations, post offices, and really anywhere that someone would let me.  I was so proud & excited about what I had accomplished and I truly believed in what I started that I knew the phone would eventually ring. 

And then it did... 

After the first phone call, the first 'Meet & Greet,' and the first completed series of visits I knew I had found my true calling in life. My first client was so happy with the service I provided that I was referred to one of their family members and before I knew it my phone was ringing, the emails requests were coming in, and my client base had grew to a point that I knew I had started a service that people needed and desired. 


Before I even thought possible my days were filling up so quickly that I decided I needed help and the hunt for more caregivers was next.  If you know me, you'd know that I wasn't going to settle for just anyone so I created a list of exactly what I wanted in my caregivers.  I took all the time I needed and searched high and low to find the right people to fill these positions. And soon my team consisted of two caregivers, then three, then five, and now I'm proud to say that I have a total of nine people (including myself) that I call 'My Pack'.  

Every day that goes by is truly a blessing to me as I have created something from the heart that I take so much pride in.  Each client and their fur babies hold a very special place in my heart and I can say whole heartedly that I truly have the best clients around and my life is better because of each and every one of them.  So thank you all for making this job the best job in the world and for trusting my pack to continue to provide the absolute best care to your fur babies.   



Lori's Leashes, Inc 

Owner: Lori B.

Owner: Lori B.